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Monica spent her summers with her Papi in Miami. She remembers the cafés "like walking into a Cuban-American episode of Cheers." Papi would always have a cafecito perfectly sweetened with *espumita.

Monica and Joshua decided they wanted to recreate that vibe in Toronto. They didn't want Little Havana Café to be just another coffee truck on the road. They made conscious choices to be as authentic as possible while choosing sustainable and organic ingredients and being true to what they do... make great coffee and create a small party big vibe everywhere they go.

They've added old family coffee and cocktail recipes to the menu, offer authentic Cuban beverages and play great Latin music. It's a whole vibe. 


Joshua and Monica share a love for caravans, strong espresso, good vibes and rum. You’ll find them on set catering or whipping up a mean Cuban cafecíto at their brick-and-mortar, or as we call it, the  Bodega.


Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to know all the latest newness! ​

*Espumpita is creamy sweet goodness made from cane sugar that's whipped and caramelized by drops of espresso. 

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